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✔ The #1 thing long term mesothelioma survivors have in common (HINT: it’s not what type of mesothelioma they have) - page 155.

✔ The 7 points you should consider when looking at conventional treatments. See page 65.

✔ On page 69 there are 5 questions you should ask BEFORE starting any alternative therapies.

✔ Herbal Medicine and Mesothelioma - the secrets you can learn from Traditional Chinese Medicine... Page 71.

✔ 9 mandatory questions you must ask your oncologist.

✔ How to help eliminate pain without the use of addictive drugs - See page 104.

✔ The secrets behind complementary therapies for advanced mesothelioma. The ones that worked best for me are on page 145.

✔ How to eliminate cancer-feeding ingredients from your diet on pages 82-86.

✔ What cancer patients require if they are to enhance their chance of recovery is revealed on page 92.

✔ The #1 thing you will have to battle in the first 6 months after being diagnosed (apart from your cancer) - page 148.

✔ The fastest ways to help reduce fear - 4 simple exercises you can do from home on page 98.

And much, much more!

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